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Prosthetics (Veneers, Crowns, Bridges) – Cosmetic Dentistry

Dental prosthetics and implant-prosthetics have experienced the largest momentum by applying new technologies and materials. Accuracy and speed of production are perfected, the biocompatibility of materials plays an increasing role. Dental Centre Tonći cooperates with several leading laboratories in Croatia and abroad, in the field of dental prosthetics.


Metal ceramic crowns

The main feature of this crown is a cost-effective price. The basis of the crown is made of metal, which is completely covered with ceramics. There is a high probability of „black edge“ of the gingiva (gums) around the crown because of the metal part.

Titanium ceramic crown

Antiallergic material that is extremely strong and resistant. It is used with patients who are allergic to metals. Less likelihood of the „black edge“ of the gingiva (gums) around the crown.

Zircon ceramic crown

Cosmetic crown, which is characterized by very high strength (like metal) and has aesthetic characteristics of the E-Max crown. We use it to do bridges, in the back and the front segment of the jaw. With zirconia ceramic crowns „black edge“ on the gingiva (gums) around the crown will never appear.

E-Max crown

E-max crowns are all ceramic crowns. They are used for highly esthetic reconstruction of teeth, where it is very important to achieve maximum aesthetics. They are used for teeth that are located in the front part of the jaw (from left to right premolar). This is currently the most esthetic crown in the world of dentistry. With E-max crowns, the „black edge“ on the gingiva (gums) around the crown will never appear.


Bridges are used when we want to compensate the lack of one or more teeth in a row, and they are created by merging multiple crowns in a single structure. We do that in a way that we prepare the tooth adjacent to the gap for the reception of the crowns (carriers), and then we put the third tooth that bridges the gap in the dental arch between those two carriers.


Veneers are thin ceramic veneers that are bonded to the front side of the tooth, to improve the aesthetic appearance of teeth. They are thick between 0.3 mm and 0.5 mm. There are two types of veneers: no prep (do not require any removal of the surface layer of the tooth) and minimal prep veneers (where you must remove about 0.5 mm of the surface layer of the tooth). Our centre is one of the few in Croatia that does no prep and minimal prep veneers. They give patient a perfectly natural appearance of the teeth, and it is very difficult to spot whether one has a tooth veneer.

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