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Orthodontics is a clinical specialistic branch of dentistry that deals with the growth, development and maintenance of the dentofacial complex, and the study of developmental disorders and any other factors that may cause malocclusion. The goal of orthodontics is not only aesthetic, as it is currently understood, because properly placed teeth are not only beautiful, but are also important for the health of the entire masticatory system, temporomandibular joint and muscle and surrounding gum tissue.

Orthodontics for children

The first visit to the orthodontist should be at the age of 7. At this age, we can correct minor and predict future irregularities. We can also apply so-called mobile devices (functional devices), but if you are unsure of how your child will react to a visit to the dentist, it is best to make an appointment for a first visit. Our relaxed and somewhat informal approach is particulary well-received among the youngest. If you are unsure, pleasecontact us.

Orthodontics for adults

When the growth and development are finished, we mainly use fixed orthodontic appliances. There is no age limit for orthodontic appliance therapy, so we can also successfuly straighten irregular teeth in adult patients. Fixed appliances, popular braces, may come in different forms. The decision on the type of braces that will be used in the therapy depends on the type of disorder, age of the patient, but also on the personal preferences of the patient. Orthodontic procedures within our dental centre are preformed by top experts, specialists in orthodontics, and our patients are extremely pleased with our approach and the results achieved.

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