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Conservative (fillings)

When you visit our Dental Centre „Tonći Radovanović“ our professional staff will devote their full attention and provide you with all the information you need. You will get a full, detailed examination of your teeth and the entire oral cavity, a complete diagnosis and a plan of addressing the difficulties, if there are any, of course... ;)
e are always lead by the well-known proverb: „Better safe than sorry!“

Composite restorations (fillings)

It is a known fact that the small holes in teeth become large if the tooth is not repaired. Dental caries (decay) of the tooth causes the loss of dental hard tissue, and if it progresses to the pulp (nerve) an inflammation too. Therefore, it is necessary, to remove tooth decay and reconstruct the tooth in its original shape, color and dimension. Reconstruction of the tooth is done by filling the cavity (hole) in the tooth, which is left behind after removal of caries. Since the tooth is restored, we say that we made a dental restoration (more common name for restoration is filling). Fillings can be performed directly in the mouth of the patient, or indirectly, in the dental laboratory, based on the tooth imprint.

Composite materials are used for:
- Small and medium fillings
- Replacement of worn-out amalgam fillings
- Substitution of broken parts of the tooth
- Correction of tooth shape
- Correction of tooth color

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