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Endodontics (dental treatments)

Endodontics is a branch of dentistry that deals with the treatment of pathological processes in the dental pulp, that gives the tooth vitality by providing it with sensory nerves and blood vessels. When the tooth nerve is inflamed, the tooth can be conserved by manually (or by special instruments) removing the inflamed soft tissue in the nerve cavity, and by cleaning and disinfecting all the nerve canals before filling them.

Machine endodontics

Machine endodontics is a way of cleaning and spreading root canals where besides hand-held instruments we also use machine instruments for processing the canals. There are a number of techniques of machine endodontics, and each manufacturer provides its own treatment protocol. The aim is to expand the root canal, remove the remnants of the pulp and bacteria infected dentin portion of the wall of the root canal. The root canal treatment is a lot faster with machine instruments, and also more efficient and more thorough than manual processing, which makes it much more comfortable for the patient.

Deep bleaching

With the development of systems and procedures for teeth whitening, and with a desire for better results, we came to a combination of teeth whitening in the dental centre and teeth whitening at home. Such bleaching process gives us the maximal result of a professional teeth whitening and reduces the unwanted side effects significantly.

Non-vital teeth whitening

t is often seen that the teeth that had endodontic treatment (root canal filling), are significantly darker than other teeth. For such teeth, we use the teeth whitening process called „walking bleaching“, where we place the depot preparation that releases active oxygen for several days inside the crown of the tooth.

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