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Children's Dentistry

Preventive and children's dentistry are virtually connected: they are the branches dealing with the suppression of formation of plaque diseases and other structures in the mouth, with an emphasis on preservation of milk teeth (deciduous dentition) that preserve a place for permanent teeth. In our dental centre, firstly, we will try to build trust with your child, and our goal is to get kids feel comfortable in the dental office and look forward to each visit to the dentist!

Milk Teeth

Milk teeth (Latin - dentes lactic) grow from approximately six months to three years of age. With the growth of permanent teeth, the roots of milk teeth become resorbed. There are 20 primary teeth, 10 in the top and 10 in the lower jaw. From the middle of the face to the sides, they are:
- Incisors (4 teeth)
- Canines (2 teeth)
- Deciduous molars (4 teeth)

Cavities and how to prevent it?

When teeth deteriorate, they can cause great pain and discomfort. In case of deep cavities on milk tooth, the pain usually occurs when a child eats sour, hot or sugary food. In that case, the tooth has extensive damage in which food reserves. Pain occurs when food remains that stuck in the cavity, start to irritate the tooth pulp.
Treatment of such tooth requires a gradual, repeated removal of caries, medicine application and temporary filling. Firstly, the procedure should create the conditions for recovery of the pulp after irritation during the caries process. We put the final restoration or „filling“ after the decayed tooth tissue is completely removed.

How to encourage a child to go to the dentist?

If you used the popular „Grice and Greco“ who live in poorly washed tiny jaws and nibble plaque, instead of intimidation with „visiting the dentist“ while you taught your children how to brush their teeth, then you can say to your children that the time has come for Uncle dentist to take a look with his instruments of how much damage Grice and Greco have made. Children behave differently inside the dental clinic, there are those who are totally quiet, but most of the times they are shy and holding on to their parents. Establishing communication with a child in the office is quite heavy, children are reluctant to answer questions, often yelling and refusing to open their mouth.

Watch a short video for kids, about proper tooth brushing and the entire oral cavity hygiene:

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