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Diagnostics and Prevention

When you visit our Dental Centre „Tonći Radovanović“ our professional staff will devote their full attention and provide you with all the information you need. You will get a full, detailed examination of your teeth and the entire oral cavity, a complete diagnosis and a plan of addressing the difficulties, if there are any, of course... :)
We are always lead by the well-known proverb: „Better safe than sorry!“

Ortho footage (snapshot)

Ortho is a footage that includes all teeth, upper and lower jaw, temporomandibular joint, and partially also the structures located above the mouth (nasal cavity, maxillary sinuses). It is used when you need to get access to all the teeth and surrounding bone structure. It is often developed as a guideline shot at the first examination, because it is showing all teeth and surrounding structures at the same time. It is especially used in all cases where it is more important to get an overview of all teeth than precise detail view of each tooth. In case you need more detailed insight into the state of each tooth, it is better to take retroalveolar snapshot or a snapshot from the bite of the bar. Besides being used as an orientation videoorthopantograph is used in prothetic treatment planning, in orthodontics and oral surgery, when planning implant placement or removing non-erupted teeth.

RVG snapshot

RVG is a digital sensor that allows the dentist to make an intraoral radiograph (footage) without film. The sensor replaces the conventional dental film, and it is possible to make periapical, occlusal and the image of the bite. Images are displayed on a monitor, and its size and clarity allow accurate diagnosis, which is not possible with the conventional X-ray device.

Descaling (Removal of tartar)

Removal of tartar by the ultrasound device is the most efficient and painless procedure in the dental office. Sonic devices are still largely used, while the so-called manual removal is no longer practiced. If the patient has developed periodontal disease, the dentist will have to perform scaling and polishing of the root of the tooth (curettage) by the ultrasound device.


Using a specialized instrument, tinny grains of sand in combination with a controlled jet of water, the colored plaque on your teeth is very efficiently removed. Sandblasting is used to remove dental plaque, soft deposits and pigmentation, the procedure is painless, and as we added flavor to the powder, it is also pleasant to the client. This method returns shine to the teeth of people who drink a lot of coffee, tea, fruit juices, smoke or are prone to the Chromogenic Bacteria (bacteria that prevents the formation of cavities, but colors teeth in grayish color). The treated teeth are less prone to the accumulation of plaque and tartar, and are highly polished and shiny.

Skyce (Dental decorations)

Tooth jewelry is very popular, especially among the younger population, because it decorates the smile in a special way. It is positioned on teeth painlessly, quickly and easily! It is glued with a special material, which does not damage the tooth, so there is no need for drilling. Tooth jewelry is placed on the front, visible surface of the upper teeth.

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